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Company Details

  • Company Type: Limited
  • Date Founded: February 3rd, 1994
  • Registration Number: 889277
  • Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Paid-in Capital: €568.000,-
  • Size: 50-100 Employees
Last updated: November 25th, 2019

Starforce Exports

At Starforce Exports, we believe everyone deserves to have reach to high-quality products available elsewhere in the world. Our goal is to remove any barriers that prevent business owners to have this opportunity.
Our company was founded in 1994 as a service provider for multinationals. After years in the service industry, that hub of expertise transformed into a business development consultancy firm.
We started import and export business when we realized that innovation and quality makes us happy. Since we truly believe in the transformative power of good design and technology, later we started manufacturing our own brand of robust and reliable agricultural implements.
Today, we are extremely proud to be the preferred supplier to a large base of loyal and satisfied customers worldwide.
Thank you all for an amazing 24 years!

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