Starforce Hay & Silage

Baler-wrapper combination can turn almost any material into perfectly pressed and wrapped round bales - whether it be corn, CCM, alfalfa, sugar beet cossettes, and grain, or mixed feed and scores of other materials.

Starforce Soil Cultivation

The physical, chemical and biological condition of soil can have a significant impact on farm income by affecting crop yields. This is why Starforce soil preparation tools help you get the most out of your soil. This may involve restructuring, stubble ploughing with tined tools and/or discs and preparing the seed bed before seeding operations.

Starforce Seed Drilling

Crop yield potential is heavily dependent on seeding efficiency and effectiveness. Starforce seed drills ensure a perfect seeding operation with or without tilling.

Starforce Maintenance

Starforce landscape maintenance equipment guarantees good quality work at high working speeds and all models are designed to ensure the satisfaction of farmers, landscape professionals and local authorities.


Numerous factors have to be taken into account in order to achieve premium silage quality. Chief among these factors is, aside from a quick exclusion of air and a clean production process, a high degree of feed compression. This machine unifies these factors perfectly.

     » 500 kg
     » 1.000 kg


Main function of the horizantal feed mixer wagon is to provide desired ration homogeneity and granule thickness during feed mixing and spreading process for livestock. Feed mixing and spreading machine is powered directly with PTO shaft of the tractor.

     » 4 m3
     » 6 m3
     » 8 m3
     » 12 m3
     » 16 m3
     » 20 m3


Vertical feed mixers are three types; stationary electric, 3-point linkage mounted or trailed wagon for distribution of feed. Vertically operating auger system ensures grinding and cutting of round and square bales thanks to the custom design alloy knives. There are no blind spots inside the machine thus no feed remains in the bucket after discharge.

This special design required much lower power with the durable transmission box system and precise electronic digital scale system ensures that rations are prepared correctly.

     » 1,5 m3 stationary electric
     » 1,5 m3 mounted
     » 3 m3 trailed
     » 6 m3 trailed
     » 8 m3 trailed
     » 12 m3 trailed


Stalks of grains such as wheat, barley, oat, rye and forage crops such as vetch, sainfoin and clover left in the field after harvest are bailed as hay and straw by the square baler. The function of a baler's pickup is to lift stalks from a windrow in the field efficiently so that a minimum of forage is left on the ground.

Collector unit can easily be adjusted up or down by the hydraulic system which reduces residue of forage to minimum. Weight of the bale is dependent on length and quality of materials.

     » 142 cm pickup width, 2 twine
     » 150 cm pickup width, 2 twine
     » 150 cm pickup width, 3 twine with chopper
     » 163 cm pickup width, 3 twine with chopper


Bale picker and loader machine is designed to pick the bales made by the square baler machine and left in the field. It can load bales directly to trailer, lorry or truck without additional manpower. Loading capacity of the machine is between 2.500 to 3.000 bales daily depending on the terrain.


Starforce pneumatic seed drills are the perfect combination for productivity and seed establishment quality. The reliability of the pneumatic distribution ensures unmatched seeding precision whatever the working conditions.

Discover Starforce seeding solutions that meets your needs!

     » 2 rows
     » 4 rows
     » 5 rows
     » 6 rows
     » 7 rows
     » 8 rows


Conventional or integrated, Starforce offers a wide range of mechanical seed drills. These practical seed drills are easy to use for seeding all seed types worry-free.

The application rate is precise even on slopes thanks to the helical grooves.

     » 17 rows
     » 19 rows
     » 21 rows
     » 23 rows
     » 27 rows
     » 31 rows


Crop residues can enhance soil condition as long as they are shredded efficiently and effectively. Every Starforce shredder is designed to meet the exact requirements of modern farming regimes: fine shredding with good distribution of residues, and intensive work performed in absolute safety.

Starforce horizontal-shaft shredders are renowned for their versatility and uniform work rates - no matter what type of plant residues are involved.

     » 160 cm
     » 210 cm
     » 240 cm
     » 260 cm
     » 285 cm
     » 320 cm


The feeder rotor movement is provided with a hydromotor located on the left side of the machine. The rotor, on which the hammer blades are located, takes the movement from tractor PTO shaft and shreds even large branches easily.

     » 125 cm
     » 150 cm
     » 175 cm
     » 200 cm