Soil Cultivation

Starforce Power Harrow

Power harrows finely break up the soil, refining and evenly distributing it over the entire working width to create a perfect seed bed: they are generally used for secondary tillage after ploughing or subsoiling and can break up even the most compacted ground in a single pass.

Starforce Rotary Tiller

Rotary tillers prepare soil by breaking up heavily compacted, unworked soils to allow for better water percolation and air movement to root zones. Rotary tillers also are the tool of choice for incorporating soil amendments and fertilizers to modify existing soils.

Starforce Disc Harrow

Soil preparation in-between crops allows managing weed population, facilitates plant residue decomposition, mastering pests and preparing soil for seeding. Starforce offers solutions for stubble cultivating, mixing and pressing in one pass.

Starforce Cultivator

In soils that are compact or with a ploughpan, it is essential to act to maximize field productivity. Starforce soil looseners allow optimizing soil preparation and ensuring higher yields by: breaking-up the soil, improving soil/water management, promoting mineralization.


For many years now power harrow is the most versatile implements for soil cultivation, thank to the fact that it adapts to any type of soil and situation. Moreover, the possibility of combining it to seed-drills offers a profitable solution for sowing operation as well.

     » 200 cm
     » 250 cm
     » 300 cm
     » 350 cm
     » 400 cm


The rotary cultivator is the perfect implement when it comes to chopping and mixing the upper layers of the soil.

Friction clutch system used on Starforce rotovators prevents sudden loads from the tractor damaging the transmission during pickup. Long-lasting and safe operation is guaranteed!

     » 160 cm orchard type, fixed
     » 180 cm orchard type, fixed
     » 180 cm orchard type, hydraulic shift
     » 210 cm orchard type, fixed
     » 210 cm orchard type, hydraulic shift
     » 210 cm orchard type, offset
     » 240 cm orchard type, fixed
     » 240 cm orchard type, hydraulic shift
     » 180 cm field type
     » 205 cm field type
     » 230 cm field type
     » 250 cm field type
     » 265 cm field type
     » 300 cm field type
     » 350 cm field type
     » 400 cm field type


Starforce disc harrows will contribute significantly to your farm's profitability. With a central beam or a largely dimensioned frame, the robustness, work quality and comfort of use are their main assets.

     » 20 discs
     » 24 discs
     » 28 discs
     » 32 discs
     » 48 discs
     » 60 discs


With versatile tine cultivators, you are sure to perform quality work with a simple, robust and efficient tool. This concept eliminates stalk shredding and extra seed bed preparation trips.

Starforce cultivators provide durable, economical compaction removal with a variety of shanks and point options to meet different requirements. This promotes breakdown of crop residue and allows good root development for the next crop.

     » 7 shanks
     » 9 shanks
     » 11 shanks
     » 17 shanks
     » 19 shanks
     » 21 shanks
     » 23 shanks
     » 25 shanks
     » 35 shanks
     » 40 shanks
     » 45 shanks